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Trail Camera Highlights

Nothing gets you more excited to set our your own cameras than to see the images and videos people are easily able to capture from their own backyard. Here are some highlights from my years of collecting footage in West Marin.

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This is a fox den that I had the pleasure of monitoring for a few months one spring. I was surprised how often we would get beautiful daytime footage of the young foxes. My observations led me to more research where I learned that their their main predators at this age, are Great Horned Owls. As long as they leave their adorable antics to daylight hours, and stay close to the den at night, they up their chances for survival to adulthood.

This camera was originally set and directed at some seriously smelly signs of N. American River Otter. To our delight our neighbor coyote was just as curious about this smell as we were. Animals use scents to learn about their environment and share stories. Notice this courteous coyote initially takes some information, but returns the favor by leaving some too.

If you scroll through this album you will see cameras from many different sites capture images of many different wildlife species. As we collect data we become familiar with individuals, our neighbors, like this bobcat who roams our property on a surprisingly regular routine.

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