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Pygmy Forest and Tidepools in Mendocino

I was happy to be contracted once again by Marin Primary & Middle School for my fourth trip to Mendocino with their 6th graders. We spend the week at Mendocino Woodlands Camp surrounded by towering redwoods and crystal clear rivers. We hike the world famous ecological staircase up to the pygmy forest one day, while learning about ecological succession and unique natural phenomenon. One morning each trip, we wake up before sunrise to explore the lowest tides in search of curious creatures of all sizes. Exploring creek ecology or a quick hike to ancient redwood grove near camp are always a student favorite over the years.

While this 6th grade group thrives on this trip, I have led comparable trips with college level classes with great results. This is truly a dream trip and I would love to help your group customize your own experience.

You can check out a complete list of life we have documented on these trips by checking out our Inaturalist project: MPMS 6th grade Mendocino Life List

We also made a field guide resource in Inaturalist for future trips. This feature is awesome because you can print the custom field guide in "journal" format and easily have student keep field journals to document sightings. Check out our field guide resource here: MPMS Mendocino Trip

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